Whilst we're mostly asked for food and drinks, we're also here to help with other elements of the event. The food is such a huge part of the event and often the extras are just little touches but they're key to the look and feel which is where our wedding planners really comes into their own. When we're not in the kitchen you can find us doing the following:

FLOWERS: We have an amazing florist who provides everything from towering, grand displays to simple jam jar displays. Talk us through the colour scheme of the wedding, your budget and your vision and we'll put together some ideas. 

LIGHTING: Often a venue just needs simple uplighting to add that extra touch whether it's inside or lighting the venue from the outside, we can help with ideas and suggestions. 

DANCING: No wedding would be complete without a first dance! We can provide the dance floor, DJ and lighting. If you're thinking of having a band we can look into staging, power and AV. 

BARS: We have a wide range of bars and depending on your venue, having an upgraded centrepiece of a bar can really make a great impression. We have mirror bars, wine box bars, light up LED bars and many more. 

FAVOURS: Those little favours raise a smile as guests take their seats, they're the in-joke, the little thank you's or the nod to your relationship. We can easily suggest and source ideas for these. 

NAME CARDS: Having quirky name cards makes your table look great, it allows for the special touch as your guests find your seat and we love to help provide exciting, personal and quirky options.