We were delighted to be approached by one of our top agencies to cater for the Google Daydream Camera product launch for top influencers around the country. The product is a virtual reality camera and to showcase this we were asked to create a highly creative menu based around the three main virtual reality worlds; Ocean Drift (starter), Life on Mars (main) and Enchanted Forest (Dessert). 

For the starter we served hand dived scallop carpaccio sat on a bed of seaweed on scallop shell made of ice. The dish conjured memories of the sea with the aromas and flavours. Alongside this each guest had a 'Tarragon Sours Pear cocktail' served in an ice glass. 

Mains had an out of this world feel to them with an Outer Space take on the traditional Earth dish 'Surf 'n' Turf'. We served a visually galactic of pork belly, octopus, kimchee, a seaweed tuille, red pepper emulsion, saffron aioli and squid ink. 

Dessert was an edible garden chocolate plant pot, Oreo chocolate mousse, edible soil, meringue mushrooms, edible stones and pears served from on a tree. Waiters topped the dish with liquid salted caramel served from watering cans. 

Alongside the menu, Google projected images from each world across the arches of the venue to enhance the experience.