The Jimmy Garcia Catering team were invited to produce a secret dinner in the woods for the Christopher Robin Disney film launch. The dinner was set within a clearing in the woods at Hampstead Heath. Media, bloggers and influencers were invited to discover the event and find their setting for the evening.


The long table sat under overhanging trees adorned with festoon lights and hanging honey jars filled with flickering candles. One long table was host to the dinner and was covered with hessian tablecloths. The place setting each had a gingham napkin along with a Winnie the Pooh adorned name card. Cut glass vases filled with wild flowers were placed down the centre of the table and tall candles created a romantic light as the night drew in.    


The food was of course all linked to the forest surroundings and would be a meal that Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh would've loved. Bread was delivered to the tables in gingham cloths carried on wooden sticks ready for guests to unwrap. A certain bear would've been happy with the honey influenced menu! To start a 'Tomato, honey and chilli gazpacho' was served followed by a toasted sourdough dish containing flavours galore, one being Spanish blossom honey.  Mains, served in honey pots, was 'The Bird and the Bees' - a gnocchi and wild mushroom dish served alongside grilled apricots with honeycomb and bee pollen. Desserts made guests smile as they were encouraged to 'eat the forest' including the edible chocolate stones and soil. 

All in all a dinner fit for a forest gathering, secret and magical.